Please Support Our Spring 2019 Fundraising Drive

For nearly fifteen years Helping Hands, through its network of volunteers and supporters, has been working on behalf of our homeless neighbors. Over that time hundreds of folk, down on their luck, have been sheltered from the cold of winter, served hot meals, given access to showers and laundry facilities, provided help in getting government assistance and in their job hunting efforts. Your support has both saved lives and radically changed them for the better.  Our combined efforts have led to a more sympathetic awareness of the plight of homeless people in Rockland County and to the creation of a County financed Warming Center in Pomona which replaced our Safe Haven program.

 Today, Helping Hands is recovering from what, by any standards, has been a difficult time. In the past several months we have coped with serious challenges, including a fire in our Outreach Center which destroyed our showers and laundry facilities, the departure of our former Executive Director under a legal cloud, and the sale of United Church, requiring us to vacate the Outreach Center by June 30th.  Our “hopes” for creating a new Outreach (Hope) Center have been dashed, because the financial and logistical hurdles of converting a parsonage into a public building proved too steep.

 BUT – these events have not dimmed our spirit or intention to continue helping the homeless.  The loss of a fixed abode means that we are no longer tied to brick and mortar, no longer passively waiting for the homeless to come to us. We intend to create a mobile outreach, using our vehicles to travel the county to bring aid and assistance to the maximum number of folks in need. With mobility we can take people to places where they can get showers, laundry and administrative help; we can load up on warm, clean clothes and hygiene supplies, while we carry hot soup and comfort to those in need. And we will continue to operate the Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program, offering the Spring Valley community a nutritious breakfast, a congenial setting, and the knowledge that someone cares.

We can’t do any of this, however, without your continued financial support. We have a small army of volunteers, but without money we are helpless; we need to pay for food and supplies, fuel, insurance and van maintenance, while having adequate staff to ensure the program’s smooth running.

Please help us to help the homeless by making a generous donation.

 Yours in peace and friendship,

James Fraser, President