A Message from Our Former President

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Thank you!

Dear Helping Hands Family,

I'm still glowing from all the good wishes and wonderful gestures of thanks and affection that were showered on me at the Helping Hands gala on November 4 at the Pearl River Hilton. It was a moving event, attended by over 150 supporters and, I hope, raised significant funds toward our goals (creating the new Hope Center and reaching out to the many homeless in Rockland who do not go to the county's Warming Center. Thank you all for your support and expressions of love and gratitude. 

I owe a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay to so many amazing people for years and years (and years) of sharing with me the burden of combating decades of official negligence in the face of homelessness. Here are a few thanks:

  • To the thousands of volunteers and supporters who have given so selflessly of their time, labor and and treasure
  • To the many board members, activists and key volunteers who have taken on the task of growing Helping Hands into the resilient and effective advocate and helper of the homeless that it has become
  • To our few, but far-sighted, representatives in local and state government who recognized and supported our mission
  • To our all-volunteer development effort for many magnificent fund-raising efforts, and a special thank you to the Benefit Committee and its chair, Kathy Lathrop, for this year’s honoring
  • To the many houses of worship in our network, which drew from a deep well of faith in the dignity of humankind to join us in our work
  • To the community (parents, children, teachers and staff) of the Green Meadow Waldorf School, which, for many years, supported and encouraged my work with the homeless.
    Thank you all!

The day after the gala, a number of board members were kind enough to meet with me to talk about recent developments and the future of Helping Hands. I found it deeply reassuring that they are all determined to carry on our mission of serving our homeless neighbors in Rockland County. I wish them and all of you strength and luck in your endeavors. I will be cheering all of you on from afar!

Peace and joy with justice,

Raoul Cansino

Founder and President Emeritus