July 2019

Dear friends of Helping Hands,

As many of you are aware, United Church of Spring Valley has been sold to the Church of the Nazarene.  While the breakfast program expects to continue operating at this site, the Outreach Center and our offices were required to leave.

We have set up an office in the Clarkstown Reformed Church, and we are awaiting final permission from the Village of Spring Valley to operate a separate walk-in office in the Darden Center (near Memorial Park).  Our Program Manager, Anna, our mailing address (P.O. Box 240, Nyack, NY 10960), and our phone number (845-709-2415) remain the same.

We are planning to provide a mobile outreach operation by the end of the summer, when we will be looking for volunteers (especially those who are fluent in Spanish). Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping, the breakfast program needs volunteers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

James Fraser, President

The Mission of Helping Hands is to help homeless men and women find alternatives to life on the streets.


HELPING HANDS FOR THE HOMELESS OF ROCKLAND is a not-for-profit organization. Since our pioneering efforts to reach out to people living on the streets in Rockland, we have created programs to provide food, shelter, housing and case services to our homeless neighbors.  With the exception of the Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program, which continues to serve a hearty breakfast every weekday morning in the Fellowship Hall of the United Church of Spring Valley, all of our operations have now either been suspended, cut back or will soon end. Contact our Anna Kobelka program director at 845-709-2415 for further information.

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